Talk of the Town Covers Witch’s Woods

Great piece from George over at Talk of the Town covering Witch’s Woods!

From Acton TV:

Acton TV goes behind the scenes of all the haunted happenings at Witch’s Woods from Nashoba Valley Ski Area in Westford, MA. For more information please visit

Get an in depth walk through of what Witch’s Woods has to offer. With 7 Haunted atractions, a carnival complete with carnival rides, games and food, it’s a great place to bring your family or friends for a night of scares and frights. To add on to all this, we have a full restaurant and bar, The Outlook, right above our Nightmare Mansion!

Be careful as you wonder around our park though, there are usually witch’s and creatures mucking about the grounds, looking for unsuspecting souls to take. If your lucky, you might even be able to get a picture with one of them.

We are proud this year to bring you our newest attraction, Vampire Passage. This is a long walk through the woods, bringing you past the vampires that haunt them. The story behind the woods go as follows;

… Many years ago, 13 heavily armed men were seen carrying a large oblong box into these very woods. The box was tightly wrapped in chains and locks. Legend has it, that it contained the remains of a legendary female Vampire.

Their mission was to take her to a secret trail deep in the woods and burn the evil creature, destroying her reign of terror once and for all! As the sun rose, the authorities found what was left of the men and the shattered pieces of wood and chain. Some say she and her fanged minions roam the trail at night in search of new victims. Hissing and clawing like wild animals, you can hear their unearthly sounds and desire to spread the Vampire’s Curse! Are you brave enough to enter?