Vampire Passage results are in

Well we have officially made it though the first two weekends EVER with our newly hallowed Vampire Passage. We wanted this to be a hit, and you guys did not let us down. Vampire Passage has been named number one new haunt in New England. Thank you to everyone who came in, helped out, made some scares happen and had some fun- we couldn’t do it without you!

… Many years ago, 13 heavily armed men were seen carrying a large oblong box into these very woods. The box was tightly wrapped in chains and locks. Legend has it, that it contained the remains of a legendary female Vampire.

Their mission was to take her to a secret trail deep in the woods and burn the evil creature, destroying her reign of terror once and for all! As the sun rose, the authorities found what was left of the men and the shattered pieces of wood and chain. Some say she and her fanged minions roam the trail at night in search of new victims. Hissing and clawing like wild animals, you can hear their unearthly sounds and desire to spread the Vampire’s Curse! Are you brave enough to enter?


Journey through an old graveyard at the start of the walk. But beware, you never know what is lurking in the shadows.


Unfortunately you will probably not get to far before you run into one of the Vampires of the woods!


Make it past the creatures of the night if you can. While many seem to be content where they are, there are indeed some that will jump out after you! If you can make it past these creatures and Vampires, you must walk your way through Dracula’s Mansion itself! Survive that, and you might be lucky enough to walk away alive…this time.