Haunt Spotlight – 3D Keeper’s Crypt

Witch’s Woods is open for another weekend with all 6 haunted attractions running.  We also just got our second carnival ride, Starlight Exodus, so the Screampark is fully open with 100% of our attractions. This week’s spotlight is our 3D haunted attraction, 3D Keeper’s Crypt.

3D Keeper’s Crypt

Each visitor is given a pair of special 3D glasses that react with our paint to create 3D effects.  This allows some characters to blend into the background until they’re ready for you to see them, and it let’s us paint characters and props with different colors that will enhance their depth.

3D Keeper's Crypt

Of course, our actors are experts at moving towards you in a way that’s unnerving even without 3D paint.  Just look at the expert suspender snapping this character has mastered!

3D Keeper's Crypt

Our actors really bring the emotion to every scene, and that’s why we have so many that wear makeup instead of masks.  We also have plenty of automated scares in our houses and on the hayride, but sometimes there is an element of scariness only a human actor can provide.

3D Keeper's Crypt

Even though some actors look sad or forlorn, deep down we all delight in scaring you during your visit to Witch’s Woods.

3D Keeper's Crypt

Our makeup and wardrobe team take special pride in prepping the actors, especially in the 3D Keeper’s Crypt.  The colors and designs are so spectacular! Sometimes we don’t know whether we should be scared or amazed, or both!

3D Keeper's Crypt

More than meets the eye

We have 6 attractions (update: 7 attractions coming in 2016), each with a distinct theme.  This style and mood is carried throughout the haunt to immerse you in the environment.  I can make every creepy room seem a bit more real.  The camera captures the well-lit paint in the 3D Keeper’s Crypt better than any of our others haunts.  We’re putting just as much creativity into every haunted attraction at Witch’s Woods, you’ll have to visit and see for yourself.

Are you interested in makeup at Witch’s Woods?  You might be qualified for our makeup or wardrobe departments, you should submit a job application!

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