Haunted Hayride – New and Improved

We have been updating our Haunted hayride experience to always keep it fresh and exciting. Look for added scares on our haunt this season!

This full 17 minute Haunted Hayride brings you through Witch’s Woods, were a great evil once escaped. Take a ride with us through the dilapidated villages and see if you can make it through alive. But beware, the survivors of these areas are not kind nor friendly, though some might try and trick you into staying.


The story of the woods

The woods at Nashoba Valley Ski Area have been taken over by the souls of the dead. As you board your hayride, you will notice that your driver sits in the center of the tractor, far away from the sides where guests are vulnerable to attacks. When the wagon pulls into the woods, you might see a witch or two darting in the trees. Although they are overwhelmed by the growing numbers of ghouls, the witches still watch guard over the woods and our guests. Deeper into the woods, you will hear werewolves howling at the moon, and maybe even see one near the hayride, attracted by the scent of human flesh. Zombies are never far behind, and struggle to keep up to your wagon, lured by the tasty feet dangling off the sides. Spirits of dead lumberjacks haunt the woods, ready to cut through anything, including the wooden wagonload of visitors. Unknown creatures crawl in the dark, barely visible but surely advancing on you. You won’t be alone in these woods, will you enter? * This attraction uses strobe lights for effect.

Knowing all this would make it foolish to go into the woods, right? Be careful, because those who even walk near the woods get draw into them unknowingly, and by the time you have realized your mistake, it may be too late for you.